Better Bookmarking

Keep shortcuts to websites link, documents insert_drive_file, photos photo,
videos ondemand_video, social feeds chat, plugins power, bookmarks bookmark_border,
and more all on a borderless, private desktop.

Keep what's important at your fingertips.

Imagine your desktop in a browser

With your weblinks, files, web services, assets,
and more all organized the way you work.

Your productivity will skyrocket

As you launch your important resources
throughout the day from a private weblink.

No more lost resources across folders

Projects become a dream with your docs, SAAS plugins,
links, assests and more in one browser tab.

Goodbye to long bookmark lists

As you build a desktop of valuable resources
around your favorite topics.

An end to trip panic

With all your destination links, plugins, confirmations
and more available on the devices you take with you.

You're not an island

Follow and contribute to desktops
you and others manage.

Everywhere you go

All you need is a connected device
with a modern browser.


A desktop in your browser
organized the way you see the world.

  • add Add Anything Your desktop can display docs, spreadsheets, presentations, weblinks, images, videos, plugins, and more.
  • bubble_chart Organize The Way You Think Drag and drop, layer, group, resize, and rotate any resource on your desktop so its accessible the way you want.
  • gesture Superfast Navigation Swipe, pinch, tap, and keyboard shortcuts make it incredibly fast to access your resources.
  • devices Get It Anywhere From a private weblink on any device with a web browser.
  • group Follow Desktops Share your weblink and have others follow and contribute to your desktop.
  • present_to_all Impressive Presentations With a unique, realtime navigation between your desktop view and others following along.
  • money_off Free Make all the desktops you want for free.