About Middlespot


Here are a few tips on using middlespot. We hope you find it useful in organizing your digital resources across your multiple devices.

You can also check out what others are requesting in our Feature Funnel.

A middlespot desktop is a borderless, visual webpage where you can organize various bits of digital content that is important to you. This content can consist of weblinks (presented as screenshots of that link), images and photos, documents and files, embed code and web widgets, and text notes.

A desktop has a unique weblink address that you create. With this weblink, you can open your middlespot desktop on any device, including phones and tablets.

Over the lifetime of your account, you will make quite a few desktops, and even collaborate with others on a shared desktop. You'll be adding, organizing and deleting stuff all the time from your desktop as you adapt it to your everyday needs.

Your desktop can be shared with anyone. Just send them the weblink and even without an account, they can view and interact with your desktop contents.

Middlespot is designed around two components, a borderless webpage which is the desktop, and a control panel to manage your desktop.


To use the desktop, you use your finger or mouse to drag the desktop in any direction. When you want to open one of your saved items, you double tap.

Weblinks open in their own tab in your browser, images and documents open in a fullscreen overlay, and embed code runs directly on the desktop.

Control Panel

The control panel is your access to your account, all of the desktops you have created and followed, and to configure and manage what appears on your desktop.

You can sign in and out of your account from the account management section of the control panel.

The desktop section shows you the currently displayed desktop, as well as the tools to customize, update settings, add and edit your content, and share.

The desktop section is where you create new desktops and access all your existing desktops and desktops you follow.

To make your desktop, tap on the button in the desktop section of the control panel.

A new panel will appear for you to enter in the details about your new desktop. You add a title, a description, a custom weblink (so you can easily find and share your desktop).

You will also choose to make your desktop public (if only you can see it when you are signed into middlespot or if anyone can see it from your custom weblink) and if the content on your desktop is NSFW (this would be content not safe for work).

tap SAVE and your desktop will be loaded on your browser and opened in the editor mode so you can start adding content.

A desktop is only as good as the content you put on it, so we've made it really easy to add stuff.

Tap the Edit toggle on the control panel to switch into the add and edit mode. This will open your add content buttons.

You can add the following types of content:

Content Characteristics
Web Link The full URL of the webpage you want to save. A screenshot of the webpage will appear on your desktop.
Photo/File Upload a file or photo from your computer or cloud drive. The document will be represented by a thumbnail of the original on the desktop. Access the original by tapping the thumbnail.
Notes Add notes right on your desktop with our text tool.
Plugins/Extensions Add a ready plugin to your desktop or paste in embed code from your favorite service.
New File Start a new google document, presentation, or spreadsheet.
Bookmarks Add your browser bookmarks to your desktop. You can select which bookmarks to add. You must be using google chrome and have the middlespot extension installed to access your bookmarks.
Sticker A set of stickers you can add to your desktop to highlight something.

You can organize your content on your desktop from the edit mode. Drag and drop, resize, and overlap your stuff so it's arranged how you work best.

To manage your content, tap on an item. Dots will appear on the corners of your item. Drag the item to position it somewhere else on your desktop. Grab a corner and drag to resize the item. Drop the item anywhere on your desktop.

When you select an item, a toolbar will appear on the right hand side of your desktop. These tools affect the selected item.

Action What it does
Up Moves your selected item to appear above all other items on your desktop.
Down Moves your selected item to appear below all other items on your desktop.
Ratio Switch between free transform or ratio lock when resizing your item.
Copy Makes a duplicate of any item on your desktop and places it on top of the existing item.
Delete Permanently removes this item from your desktop.

You can change the background of your desktop to something more pleasant to your eyes.

Tap the palette button to open the background options panel.

Tap on a background to preview it then Tap SAVE to apply it to your desktop.

You can scroll through all the premade backgrounds and select one you like.

When you sign into your account, you can set a desktop to always open on initial load.

Open the settings for the desktop you want to be your default. In the options along the bottom of this panel, select the Default checkbox.

Now your desktop will open automatically when you sign into your middlespot account. Fun!

All of your desktops are accessible from the desktop library. This panel displays all the desktops you have created for yourself and those you follow.

Tap any desktop title and it will load that desktop into the middlspot display.

All desktops are also accessible from the unique weblink you created when you started your desktop. This weblink is yours until you delete your desktop.

When viewing a desktop, you can navigate around by dragging with your finger or click/dragging with your mouse. Double tapping on any item will open that item either in a new tab or in a fullscreen view. Embedded code is interacted directly on the desktop surface.

Every desktop has a unique weblink. It will only display this desktop.

You can tap the sharing button to open the various sharing options.

You can also embed your desktop in any other webpage using the embed code.

If you have selected private in the desktop settings, you will only be able to view your desktop when you are signed into your account.

You can follow any desktop you haven't created and see what the owner of that desktop adds overtime. Tap the follow button in the bottom left corner of the desktop to start following.

The desktop will now be saved into your desktop library.

From the desktop library, tap the delete button to remove this desktop. All content will be deleted from this desktop and the desktop and weblink will be removed.

We use google single sign on to manage middlespot accounts. This way, your account security and recovery is what you use with google. And since google also allows you to create multiple accounts, you can also create multiple accounts on middlespot.

Middlespot not working for you? No problem, you can delete your account and all desktops you've made from middlespot by opening your account panel, then tapping settings, then select the delete account button.